What is Research?

Research is the process of detail investigation of a topic. It generally refers to the field of science but rather it may be related to any fields. For example, the research may be of the population change in a specific area. This research above is related to the field of social field so different types of researches is done for different fields as per resources available.

What are the fields of researches?

The main field of research is the field of Science and Technology. Social researches is also a great field of research. The research canbe of any type. For example, it may be of simple things or much more complex things. The field related to research is known as research methodology. It deals with the proper process of investigation.

What is the exact definition of research?

Research is a careful and detailed investigation of a specific problem, concern, or issue using the scientific method. Research can be about anything, and we hear about all different types of research in the news. It is related to findings. Scientific study involves the exact or                                                   the appropriate method for doing research.

What are the sources of research?

The sources of researches canbe primary or secondary. Primary sources are those in which we collect the data directly from individuals and file it. Secondary sources are those which we obtain from the previous researches. Depending upon the available time and resources, we can investigate any type of researches. For example, one should do the process of counting population or census directly because there might be some errors. This is the method of primary data collection but if we use some data and values from previous research, it is the secondary source of data collection.


Researchers are daily practising new field of investigation because this helps in the development of future. Research is one of the most important things for the development of great future.



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