The Moon

The distance between the earth and the moon is about 3,84,400 km. However, the influence of the moon on the earth is in a numerous ways. The moon seems to be luminous as we see it from the earth. But, In fact, it reflects the light from the sun towards the earth’s surface. This is the reason that it seems sometimes completely and sometime in a curved way. And this is because of the inclination of the moon’s surface towards sun and earth.

Effects of Moon on Earth

We are unable to feel the absence of the moon but it is sure that it has a tremendous role for the existence of life on earth. The lights appearing at night is due to the reflection from moon. This means that, in the absence of moon, it would be completely dark on the earth’s surface every night. It plays a vital role on the gravity of earth too. It takes 28 days to revolve round the earth and is also known as the natural satellite of earth.

Lunar eclipse

We all know that the moon is revolving around the earth and earth is revolving around the sun. In this process, there appears two situations. One of them is that the moon may come between earth and the sun. And the other is that the earth may come between the sun and the moon. The latter case when the earth comes between causes the shadow of earth to cover the moon. This is termed as lunar eclipse and appears on full moon.

About Moon

The gravity force on the surface of moon is 6 times less than that of earth. It means a person who can jump 1m high on earth’s surface is able to jump 6m high on the moon’s surface. The moon weighs about 81 times less than the earth. Scientists say that no life would exist without the presence of moon.


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