What is Global Warming?

The rising of the earth’s average temperature due to several factors is termed as global warming. Scientists are researching the causes, effects and controlling of global warming from past few decades. Today, the main problem of our home planet is the global warming. Because, it is affecting the earth and its life in a numerous ways. Scientists predict that if the case becomes more degrading like this, then life cannot exist in earth after few decades. The main reason for the Global Warming is the green house effect.

What is greenhouse effect?

The burning of fuels from industries, vehicles, volcanic eruption etc. causes evolution of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and other gases. The air pollutants especially CO2 are the main causes for global warming. CO2 as well as air pollutants remain in the atmosphere for several years. They are able to transmit the rays from the sun towards the earth. But do not let all of them to reflect back from earth. This causes the increase in temperature of the earth. This effect is known as greenhouse effect. Not only that, but it is affecting the aquatic and terrestrial life system on our planet.

What are the causes of Global Warming?

The main problem of global warming is due to artificial causes. But it is also true that natural disaster like volcanic eruption has a vital role on it. Some of the causes of global warming or the increase of greenhouse gases are listed below:

  • Volcanic eruption evolves the CO2 and other gases drastically.
  • Burning of fuels in industries plays a vital role.
  • Fuel using vehicles are one of the main reasons.
  • Deforestation causes the increase in CO2 gases due to absence of photosynthesis.
  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) evolved from refrigerators increases greenhouse effect.
  • Burning of plastics and similar materials evolve CO2 gases.

What are the preventive measures from global warming?

Scientists are trying to introduce many types of alternatives for the less consumption of fuels. Environmentalists are spreading the reasons for planting trees. Here are some of the preventive measures that can be applied for preventions:

  • Using of electric vehicles instead of fuel consuming ones.
  • Production of hydroelectricity rather than from fuels.
  • Planting trees in all areas.
  • Not burning materials evolving CO2 gases.
  • Managements of wastes rather than burning it.

However, the effects due to natural disasters are unable to prevent.


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